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SMA Panel Mounting Coupler

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SMA Panel Mounting Coupler

CCP-SMA-SPFF   Coupler Panel-Mount SMA   EACH $ 6.95   255 in stock   Add to Cart

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What's the difference between consumer-level wireless gear and the professional stuff? Polarity.

Show you're serious about your wireless connectivity with an SMA port installed in your chassis, bulkhead, front panel, or wall plate. This no-nonsense panelmount coupler is a screw-locking splicer with a female SMA connector on each end. It mounts in a round hole and provides a secure connection to cables on both sides.

If you don't already have a panel for mounting an SMA jack, these couplers are great in tandem with a custom-designed wall plate.

This coupler is standard-polarity SMA, which means the female end has a receptacle and external threading. It is not to be confused with reverse-polarity SMA, or RP-SMA, which has a pin and external threading on the female end and a receptacle on the male end.

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