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Stereo 3.5mm Panel-Mount Audio Cable

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Stereo 3.5mm Panel-Mount Audio Cable
Terminate your audio installations with style, using our panel-mount audio cables. Install an audio jack into a faceplate, wall, or bulkhead for convenient access to any 3.5mm stereo source or output, without on-site soldering or noise-introducing couplers. Keep your audio ports simple, clean, and easy to access!  

1224-01C   Stereo Panel-Mount Extension   1 ft $ 9.95   637 in stock   Add to Cart
1224-02C   Stereo Panel-Mount Extension   2 ft $ 10.95   1510 in final testing!   Backorder
1224-03C   Stereo Panel-Mount Extension   3 ft $ 11.95   312 in final testing!   Backorder
1224-04C   Stereo Panel-Mount Extension   4 ft $ 13.95   421 in stock   Add to Cart
1224-06C   Stereo Panel-Mount Extension   6 ft $ 14.95   73 in stock   Add to Cart
1224-10C   Stereo Panel-Mount Extension   10 ft $ 19.95   61 in stock   Add to Cart
1224-15C   Stereo Panel-Mount Extension   15 ft $ 29.95   59 in stock   Add to Cart
1224-25C   Stereo Panel-Mount Extension   25 ft $ 39.00   88 in stock   Add to Cart
1224-50C   Stereo Panel-Mount Extension   50 ft $ 59.00   42 in stock   Add to Cart
1224-00C   Stereo Panel-Mount Extension
Custom build at $20.00 + $0.90 per foot.
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Technical documents are available upon request for authorized usage.

Please contact us by email if you require drawings or 3D models to integrate this product into your project.

Expand your audio wiring options with the DataPro panel-mount audio extension cable. This cable is used to provide a bulkhead or face-plate mountable extension for remote access in home theaters, recording studios, classrooms and boardrooms, and more!

The 3.5 mm connector is commonly known as a headphone style or Sony Walkman connector. This cable features a standard male 3.5mm audio plug on one end, and a female 3.5mm wall-mount audio jack on the other end.

These cables are specially designed to install in our 3.5mm audio face plates, but can be mounted in any 1/4" hole, in material up to 2.5mm (0.10") thick.

For RCA connections in a single molded cable, see our 1181 cable.

For dual-RCA audio plus a third coax cable for video signal (3 RCA heads at each end), see our 1183 series cable.

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  • Allowable panel depth: 2.5mm (full mating)

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