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Audio/Video Panel-Mount Cables

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While digital may be the popular choice for today's media, it cannot compete with the long-range and versatility of analog formats. For ceiling-mounted projectors, board room presentations, lecture halls, and classrooms, DataPro's panel-mounting audio and video cables ensure high fidelity and minimal noise, no matter what configuration you need.

Available as stock items or custom-built to your specifications, DataPro's audio and video mounting cables complete any A/V setup with clean, attractive terminations and easy installation.

1164 S-Video Panel Mount Extension
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Mount analog video where you need it with DataPro's panelmount S-Video cables. These high-quality S-Video cables are built with coaxial wire for optimal shielding and noise prevention, and feature a flush-mounting hood with an S-video jack for a secure attachment to a bulkhead or face plate.

1223 Dual Panel-Mount 3.5mm Stereo Cable F/F
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The DataPro 1223-series is a 3.5mm stereo audio cable that features a panel-mount female connector both ends.

1224 Panel Mount 3.5mm Stereo Extension Cable
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Terminate your audio installations with style, using our panel-mount audio cables. Install an audio jack into a faceplate, wall, or bulkhead for convenient access to any 3.5mm stereo source or output, without on-site soldering or noise-introducing couplers. Keep your audio ports simple, clean, and easy to access!

1225 1/4-inch Stereo Panel-Mount Extension
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Connect your high-fidelity audio equipment on stage, in the booth, in the studio, or wherever else you need it with our convenient panel-mount phono cables.

1225A Panel Mount 1/4-inch Locking TRS Extension (Neutrik cutout)
 Add a locking 1/4" Stereo TRS jack to any panel or plate with this convenient solution.

1226 1/4-inch Stereo Dual Panel-Mount
Starting at
Run your audio from plate-to-plate, panel-to-panel, or booth-to-stage with our 1/4" stereo dual-panel-mount cable.

1227 Panel Mount 4-Conductor 3.5mm Extension Cable
 This panel-mount 3.5mm extension cable accommodates 4-pin TRRS connections.

1228 Panel-Mount 3.5mm (F) to RCAx2
Starting at
You know those awkward times when a friend shows up with a 3.5mm plug, and all you've got is dual RCA inputs? Avoid this faux pas (and many others!) with the pre-emptive installation of a panelmount stereo to dual RCA cable!

1231 XLR Panel-Mount Female Extension
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Wiring a theater, production booth, stage, or studio? Install balanced XLR jacks wherever you need with this panel-mount XLR extension cable!

1232 XLR Panel-Mount Male Extension
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Get a neat and professional XLR male jack with this convenient panel-mount XLR cable. It installs in under a minute and provides balanced audio to or from wherever you'd like. Patching XLR around a room or building was never so easy!

1236 Dual Panel Mount Neutrik XLR Cable F-F
 Pass an XLR connection through a wall or bulkhead with as few connections as possible!

1251 Panel Mount DMX Female 5-pin Extension Cable
 Add a 5-pin female DMX connection to a plate, panel, or bulkhead with this convenient extension cable.

1252 Panel Mount DMX Male 5-pin Extension Cable M-F
 Add a 5-pin male DMX connection to a plate, panel, or bulkhead with this convenient extension cable.

1870 Panel Mount F-Type Extension Cable M-F
 Extend an F-Type coax connector to a plate, panel, or bulkhead with this convenient cable. Available in custom lengths!

CCP-CSV S-Video Panel-Mount Coupler
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The CCP-CSV is a panel-mounting coupler for mounting S-Video on a wallplate or video panel.