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Pelican, Storm, Nanuk & Seahorse Cases

DataPro Product Catalog > Pelican, Storm, Nanuk & Seahorse Cases

  • Custom Pelican Case Panels
  • Custom Pelican Storm Case Panels
  • Custom Nanuk Case Panels
  • Custom Seahorse Case Panels

  • DataPro carries a variety of waterproof rugged plastic cases - including Pelican, Storm, and Nanuk. We also manufacture and customize case panels for all of the above, plus Seahorse cases.

Pelican, Storm, Nanuk & Seahorse Cases > Rugged Case Panels
   Blank case panels for Pelican Cases, Storm, Nanuk, and Seahorse.
  > Rugged Case Accessories
   Panel frames, mounting brackets, nameplates, waterproof gaskets and more!

NANUCASE Nanuk Rugged Plastic Cases
Starting at
Nanuk cases from Plasticase are a perfect solution for carrying sensitive equipment or installing electronic electronic devices.

PC1510BR Pelican 1510 Case With Preinstalled Panel Brackets
Starting at
Add a panel to Pelican's 1510 case with this pre-modified case that can accommodate DataPro case panels.

PELICASE Pelican Rugged Cases
Starting at
Pelican cases make for great equipment cases or rugged electronics enclosures. We carry all the sizes we make panels for!

STORCASE Pelican Storm Rugged Plastic Cases
Starting at
Storm cases from Pelican are a rugged and secure solution for protecting sensitive electronics and equipment.

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