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Pelican, Storm, Nanuk & Seahorse Cases

DataPro Product Catalog > Pelican, Storm, Nanuk & Seahorse Cases

  • Custom Pelican Case Panels
  • Custom Pelican Storm Case Panels
  • Custom Nanuk Case Panels
  • Custom Seahorse Case Panels

  • DataPro is a Pelican Authorized Online Distributor DataPro carries a variety of waterproof rugged plastic cases - including Pelican, Storm, and Nanuk. We also manufacture and customize case panels for all of the above, plus Seahorse cases.

Pelican, Storm, Nanuk & Seahorse Cases > Pelican Cases
   Pelican™ Protector hard cases are famous for their durability, waterproofing, and exclusive features.
  > Panel-Ready Pelican Cases
   Cases with preinstalled brackets to accommodate a panel.
  > Rugged Case Panels
   Blank case panels for Pelican Cases, Storm, Nanuk, and Seahorse.
  > Rugged Case Accessories
   Panel frames, mounting brackets, nameplates, waterproof gaskets and more!

NANUCASE Nanuk Rugged Plastic Cases
Starting at
Nanuk cases from Plasticase are a perfect solution for carrying sensitive equipment or installing electronic electronic devices.

STORCASE Pelican Storm Rugged Plastic Cases
Starting at
Storm cases from Pelican are a rugged and secure solution for protecting sensitive electronics and equipment.

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