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Laser Marking Now Available In Our Custom Wall Plate Creator 2014-03-31
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Now it's easier than ever to add Laser marking to a Custom Wall Plate!

Waterproof Panel Mount USB Cables? You bet! 2014-02-28
DataPro News > Products

Need rugged USB ports to mount in a bulkhead or panel? We now carry IP67 rated panel-mount cables in both USB Type-A and Type-B, making them both waterproof and dust tight.

DataPro is a Conflict Mineral Free Company 2014-01-08
DataPro News > Questions

Industry leaders are already beginning to discuss this spring's deadline for Conflict Mineral disclosure. We're happy to say that we're ahead of the game!

USB Group Announces USB 3.1 Type-C 2013-12-11
DataPro News > Products

The USB 3.0 Promoter Group has announced a new orientation-free, low-profile USB 3.1 plug called USB Type-C - read on to find out how it stacks up against current formats.

Getting a PS4? You might need a longer DualShock 4 Charging Cable 2013-11-15
DataPro News > Products

Picking up a PlayStation 4? Extend the reach of your DualShock 4's charging cable with one of our USB Micro-B cables!

What is Thunderbolt? Check out our guide! 2013-11-05
DataPro News > Technical Info

Thunderbolt is picking up steam as a high-speed desktop peripheral format. How does it stack up to more popular formats like USB and Firewire? Find out in our comprehensive guide.

HDMI Forum Announces HDMI 2.0 Spec Release 2013-10-31
DataPro News > Technical Info

HDMI is going 4K with the latest spec release from the HDMI Forum. What does this mean for you?

We're on Facebook! 2013-10-09
DataPro News

DataPro is now more accessible than ever before -- check out our Facebook page for daily tips, product highlights, and more!

New Equipment: We got a Vacuum Table! 2013-09-26
DataPro News > Products

We just made our best CNC mill even better with the addition of an industrial-grade vacuum table!

Custom Enclosures 2013-08-28
DataPro News > Products

Did you know DataPro can customize enclosures? We offer a full range of milling, marking, and assembly options for enclosures of all shapes and sizes!


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