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New! Panel-Mount USB-C Extension 2017-03-23
DataPro News

We're adding an exciting new product to our line of panel-mount USB cables - panel-mount USB-C!

Now Available: Pelican Case Side Cutouts 2017-03-09
DataPro News

In addition to interior panels, we now offer precision CNC cutouts on any side of a Pelican case. Add connectors, interfaces, power inlets, and more. Waterproof ports and covers available too!

New! Rugged Raspberry Pi Camera Case 2017-02-14
DataPro News > Products

Our new Rugged Aluminum Raspberry Pi Camera Case accommodates a Raspberry Pi and Camera Module, and includes a threaded tripod mounting hole on the bottom for easy installation.

Tech Info: Cat7 Ethernet Cable 2017-01-31
DataPro News > Technical Info

Wondering what Category 7 cable is? What it's used for, and how it differs from its predecessors? Read our informative technical article!

Milling to Filling - Making an Injection Mold 2016-12-01
DataPro News > Announcements

Check out our new video documenting the process of creating a low-pressure Mold-Man 4000 injection mold, from CAD to milling to final product!

Now Available: Machining Services 2016-10-31
DataPro News > Announcements

Have a project that doesn't fit into one of our existing categories? DataPro Machining can provide engineering and manufacturing support for all stages of your project. Check out the new DataPro Machining website!

New Product Videos 2016-09-30
DataPro News

We've uploaded five more product highlight videos, covering Panel-Mount USB 3, Panel-Mount HDMI, Panel-Mount DisplayPort, Panel-Mount DVI, and Panel-Mount Cat6 Ethernet!

Product Video: Panel-Mount USB 2.0 Extension 2016-08-19
DataPro News > Products

We've got a fancy new YouTube video up, highlighting our 1598 Panel-Mount USB 2.0 Extension Cable. Check it out!

DataPro is International! 2016-08-16
DataPro News > Announcements

International's not just part of the name - we support and ship to customers worldwide. To facilitate that we have a network of localized sites and informational articles.

Tech Info: Balanced Audio 2016-07-06
DataPro News > Technical Info

A Balanced Audio connection can create a high-quality and noise-free connection over great distances. How does it work? What can it be used for? Find out in our exclusive guide!


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