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Updated Thunderbolt FAQ 2017-09-28
DataPro News > Technical Info

We've updated our Thunderbolt Guide and FAQ with new questions, new answers, and more information about Thunderbolt 3, UHD support, and more! Check it out.

USB Promoter Group Announces USB 3.2 2017-08-01
DataPro News

The USB 3.0 Promoter Group has announced the next upgrade to the USB spec - USB 3.2, which will allow transfer speeds of up to 20Gbps. Click through for more!

New Video - Milling A Sprocket 2017-06-26
DataPro News > Announcements

Our friends at DATRON wrote a case study about how DataPro uses their CNC machines to produce everything from custom panels to complex milled parts. So we made them a little video to go along with it. Check it out!

Tech Info: Hot Plug Detect, DDC, and EDID 2017-06-16
DataPro News > Technical Info

How exactly does a computer know the right settings to display on a monitor when you first plug it in? The answer is a bit of an alphabet soup of features and acronyms -- grab a spoon and dive into our comprehensive HPD/DDC/EDID article!

New - Custom Rack Mount Enclosures 2017-05-30
DataPro News > Products

We're adding standard 19" rack mount cases to our Custom Plate Creator. Configure the front panel with any of our dozens of panel mount products!

Now Accepting PayPal! 2017-04-25
DataPro News > Announcements

We're now accepting PayPal as a form of payment. Just click on the PayPal button in the cart!

Check us out on Instagram 2017-04-12
DataPro News > Announcements

We've joined Instagram! And we'll be posting pictures of all kinds of cool stuff we produce here at DataPro. Check us out at @DataProMachining

New! Panel-Mount USB-C Extension 2017-03-23
DataPro News

We're adding an exciting new product to our line of panel-mount USB cables - panel-mount USB-C!

Now Available: Pelican Case Side Cutouts 2017-03-09
DataPro News

In addition to interior panels, we now offer precision CNC cutouts on any side of a Pelican case. Add connectors, interfaces, power inlets, and more. Waterproof ports and covers available too!

New! Rugged Raspberry Pi Camera Case 2017-02-14
DataPro News > Products

Our new Rugged Aluminum Raspberry Pi Camera Case accommodates a Raspberry Pi and Camera Module, and includes a threaded tripod mounting hole on the bottom for easy installation.


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