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Legacy USB Type-C Charging Cables Dangerous? 2015-11-19
DataPro News > Technical Info

Recent reports have found that the OnePlus USB Type-C legacy adapters could damage some USB charging devices. Should you be worried?

New! Custom Aluminum and Acrylic Signs 2015-10-20
DataPro News > Products

We're signing on for something new, and hanging out our shingle. Check out our illuminated aluminum and acrylic signs!

New Product - Custom Tabletop Boxes 2015-09-15
DataPro News > Products

Our latest customizable product is a tabletop pop-up box whose panel can be customized directly through our Plate Creator. Add data, power, AV connectors, and more directly to a desk, conference table, or counter!

New! Custom Clipsal Wall Plates 2015-08-28
DataPro News > Products

We're always expanding the offerings on our online Plate Creator! Our newest addition is Australian Clipsal style wall plates.

Euro-friendly billing options 2015-07-30
DataPro News

From SEPA payments to invoicing in Euros, DataPro is ready to do business in Europe.

Now carrying Pelican Cases and Panel Frames! 2015-06-16
DataPro News > Products

We're now your one stop shop for all things Pelican Case Panel related! Check out our new stock of Pelican Cases and Panel Frames to go along with our popular Pelican Case Panels!

Now Available - Custom Enclosures 2015-05-11
DataPro News > Products

We're always adding new capabilities and products to our line. Our latest is fully custom aluminum and steel enclosures, milled or laser-cut right here! Click through for more information.

New Plate Creator Feature - Tamper Proof Screws 2015-04-20
DataPro News > Products

We're now offering Spanner style tamper-resistant screws via our Wall Plate Creator. If your plate is compatible, they'll be offered at the last step for a small upgrade charge.

What is USB Type-C? We've got answers! 2015-03-20
DataPro News > Technical Info

USB 3.1 Type-C (or USB-C) has been been making headlines with its radical redesign of the ubiquitous USB connector, and intriguing new features. Where did it come from? Where is it going? And how can you make use of it? Read on!

Now Available - Custom Telecom Plates 2015-02-25
DataPro News > Products

We've expanded the capabilities of our Custom Plate Creator to now include Custom Telecom Plates!


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