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DataPro Value Added Services 2019-09-13
DataPro News > Products

We offer a variety of services that can help make your unique project a success - check out our new selection of Value Added Services and Quality Assurance!

New! Pelican Case Modifications 2019-08-28
DataPro News > Announcements

DataPro is now offering modification services for Pelican and other rugged plastic cases including cutouts, panel and equipment installation, and more!

Learn about Laser and Rotary Engraving with our new tech article! 2019-07-29
DataPro News > Technical Info

Find out how DataPro's wide variety of rotary engraving and laser marking services work, and which is ideal for your project in our new informative article.

Viking Robotics shows off their robot at DataPro HQ 2019-06-24
DataPro News > Announcements

DataPro is proud to sponsor Ballard High School's Viking Robotics team -- last week they came by to introduce us to their robot!

New! Pelican 1600, 1610, and 1620 Panel-Ready Cases 2019-05-20
DataPro News > Products

DataPro is now carrying Panel-Ready Pelican 1600, 1610, and 1620 cases! These genuine Pelican cases are professionally modified to accept one of our exclusive Pelican Case Panels.

New! Long-Distance HDMI 2.0 Optical Cables 2019-03-21
DataPro News > Products

DataPro is now stocking a range of fiberoptic HDMI cables in lengths from 15-250ft (4.5-76m). These fully HDMI 2.0-compliant cables can carry a 4K 60Hz signal up to 250ft (76m) without boosters or extra power...

DataPro is a Pelican Authorized Online Distributor 2019-02-07
DataPro News > Announcements

DataPro is now a Pelican Authorized Online Distributor, which means you can trust that we'll always have the latest and greatest Pelican products at great prices!

Switch Guards & Handles Now Available in Plate Creator 2019-01-22
DataPro News > Announcements

Switch Guards and Handles are now available in DataPro's online Plate Creator! You can find them under "Switch Guard" and "Guard Handle" respectively.

Ballard Viking Robotics Team Tours DataPro 2018-12-14
DataPro News > Announcements

Ballard High School's 2018 Viking Robotics Team visited DataPro to tour our shop and pick up some machining tips!

New! Custom Dzus Panels 2018-11-02
DataPro News > Products

We're adding a new type of custom panel to our lineup - aircraft-grade custom Dzus panels. Check out our Custom Dzus Panels page, and contact us with any questions!


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