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802.11G Wireless PCI Card

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802.11G Wireless PCI Card

EW-100G   Wireless PCI Card 802.11G   EACH $ 39.00   18 in stock   Add to Cart

This 802.11g PCI add-in card gives you the flexibility of wireless network access combined with speeds that are comparable to many wired networks. It includes an antenna with a 3-foot cable, allowing you to position the antenna away from the computer and where the strongest signal is available.

This is a PCI card designed for use in most any desktop motherboard, and can utilize generic OS drivers as well as the included manufacturer's drivers.

Drivers for this product can be downloaded here:

Windows Driver Windows Driver


  • Works with IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g
  • Up to 54Mbps transfer speed
  • Supports 64/128-bit WEP,WPA (TKIP with 802.1x) and AES encryption
  • Detachable Antenna
  • Supports Windows 98 SE/Me/2000/XP
  • 32-bit PCI Interface


  • Standards: IEEE 802.11b/g
  • Bus Type: 32-bit PCI
  • Frequency Band: 2.4000-2.4835GHz
  • Modulation: OFDM with BPSK, QPSK,16QAM(11g) BPSK, QPSK, CCK(11b)
  • Data Rate: 54/48/36/18/12/11/9/6/5.5/2/1Mbps auto fallback
  • Security: 64/128-bit WEP Data Encryption, WPA (TKIP with IEEE 802.1x) and AES
  • Power Consumption: Tx:350mA, Rx:250mA
  • Transmit Power: 16dBm~18dBm

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant