EIDE ATA-100 Rounded Cable

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EIDE ATA-100 Rounded Cable


1948-02R-TPE   EIDE ATA-100 Ribbon Cable   2 ft $ 9.95   1 in stock   Add to Cart
1948-03R-TPE   EIDE ATA-100 Ribbon Cable   3 ft $ 13.95   1 in stock   Add to Cart

The P/N 1948-series cable is an enhanced IDE dual-drive cable, also called Ultra ATA TPE or Ultra ATA-100.

It is designed for high-speed IDE data traffic between a motherboard (or controller card) and up to two storage devices (hard drives or optical drives).

ATA-100 is the peak of the parallel IDE interface bus, which has since been succeeded by the Serial ATA (or SATA). Unless you're working with a legacy machine or digging up dusty old computers from the technology graveyard, you're unlikely to encounter an IDE hard drive with the 80-pin interface.

...but if you do, and you need to plug it in, here's the cable to do so.

Stock size: 24 inches.

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