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Bay Networks Cables

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DataPro is proud to offer a wide selection of replacement cables for Nortel Bay Networks, Synoptics, and Wellfleet, available in dozens of configurations and custom-built to ship in 1-2 days.

We have specifications to build all of the following types:
  • 7115 Ethernet 802.3 AUI (15-pin)
  • 7116 AUI (15-pin) to RS-422 (37-pin)
  • 7118 AUI (15-pin) to RS-232 (25-pin)
  • 7119 AUI (15-pin) to RS-232 V.25 (25-pin)
  • 7120 AUI (15-pin) to V.35 (34-pin Winchester)
  • 7121 AUI (15-pin) to V.35 DTR (34-pin Winchester)

  • 7125 9-pin to IBM Token Ring
  • 7137 44-pin to V.35 (34-pin Winchester)
  • 7138 44-pin to RS-232 (25-pin)
  • 7139 44-pin to RS-422/485 (37-pin)
  • 7150 9-pin to MCT1 Clock (15-pin)
  • 7155 MCT1 Loopback Cable (15-pin to 15-pin)
  • 7163 FiberOptic Duplex SC (FDDI) Cable

  • 7215 15-pin to V.35 WAN (34-pin Winchester)
  • 7216 15-pin to V.35 WAN DTR (34-pin Winchester)
  • 7218 15-pin to RS-232 DTE (25-pin)
  • 7219 15-pin to V.35 DTE (34-pin Winchester)
  • 7220 44-pin to V.35 Leased V.25 WAN (34-pin Winchester)

  • 7221 15-pin to X.21 WAN (15-pin)
  • 7224 44-pin to X.21 WAN (15-pin)
  • 7225 15-pin to RS-232 WAN (25-pin)
  • 7227 15-pin to V.35 Raise DTR (34-pin Winchester)

  • 7318 44-pin to RS-422 (37-pin)

  • 7401 T1 DSX (15-pin) to CSU DTE (15-pin)
  • 7415 T1 DSX (15-pin) to CPE (15-pin)
  • 7650 T1 (RJ45) to CSU (15-pin)

  • 7826 44-pin to RS-232 V.25 Leased Line (25-pin)

  • 7830 HSSI DCE to DTE (Micro-50 pin)

If you require a Bay Networks assembly not listed above, all we need is a wiring diagram. Send us an email and we'll take care of the rest!