Ethernet Parallel Print Server

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Ethernet Parallel Print Server
Share printer access over local networks and the internet with a regular parallel printer! This convenient adaptor provides a network-addressable interface to a standard printer, with lots of great features!  

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The DataPro network print server allows a user to print to a remote printer over an Ethernet local area network, essentially converting any parallel printer into a network printer.

The DataPro print server supports 10-Base-T communication, which may appear slow compared to modern network speeds but is more than fast enough for the small amounts of data carried in print jobs.

It is compact (pocket size) for direct attachment to a printer's parallel port.

The EP-100 series supports both TCP/IP and Netware IPX protocols support, as well as Microsoft Windows NetBEUI. It is compatible with all Windows and UNIX-based systems.

It also features DHCP services for IP address assignment, a quick setup utility for NetWare, and simple management through a web browser.

This device could even be used as a stand-alone DHCP server, without being connected to a printer; it is very easy to setup and administer for DHCP services. The default password is 'su@psir', so you should definitely change that.

We offer two downloadable zip files containing the driver software and manuals for this part. It is available in two options, for the Black/Blue model and for the Beige model.

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