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Low Pressure Injection Overmolding

Ideal For Electronic Components and Small PCB's

Custom Mold

DataPro's more than 25-years of cable building experience coupled with our low pressure overmolding capabilities makes DataPro your ideal source for outsourced overmolding. Whether you are seeking embedded circuitry or custom cable terminations with sleek overmolded hoods, DataPro can deliver.

Our small format molding equipment is ideally suited for overmolding strain relief, splices, and hoods, adding ferrites or encapsulating mini circuits. With our in-house mold making capability we can cost effectively help you move from concept to a finished product in a timely manner.

DataPro is ISO 9001 certified so you can count on consistent quality and service. From prototyping to medium sized production runs DataPro is your first choice in overmolding. Our specialty is overmolding of cables and encapsulating small parts or circuits. Overmolding cable terminations adds protection and strain relief to the cable and protection for the interface between the cable and the backshell of the connector.


What Is Overmolding:

Overmolding always involves two items: a base (or core) item, and an encapsulating compound. In overmolding, the product to be overmolded in inserted into the empty space of a metal enclosure (the mold), and molten plastic compound is injected into the enclosure. The compound fills the empty space surrounding the product and hardens into the negative shape of the mold.

Custom Overmold

Another name commonly used for this process is "insert molding," as previously described an item is "inserted" into a mold and then overmolded. The rugged hoods that one sees on the ends of a typical computer cable got there via an overmolding process. Complete water-tight encapsulation using Macromelt* is no problem. We routinely overmold small parts to completely protect them from harsh environments.

Overmolded Strain Relief:

Strain relief increases the bend radius of a cable preventing kinking and the overstressing of termination points. Strain relief also prevents the push/pull stresses of connecting and disconnecting from transferring to the termination points. Additionally, well designed strain relief adds aesthetic value and a comfortable ergonomic gripping surface.

What Is Macromelt:

Macromelt is a single component UL 94V- approved material, it is a thermoplastic adhesive derived from the natural fatty acids of trees. Macromelt comes in two basic colors are amber and black. Macromelt delivers superior sealing adhesion and excellent temperature and solvent resistance. The overmolding operation using Macromelt takes place at low pressure, cycle time is short and fine or fragile circuitry is not damaged by the process.

Overmolding as a standalone offering:

DataPro offers custom overmolding capability for most electronic components including printed circuit boards. Using molten thermoplastic polyamide hotmelt, the low-pressure injection process tenaciously adheres to most substrates including PVC wires. In many production situations LPIO is a superior, low-cost alternative to epoxy or urethane fillers or conformal coating and is ideal for temperature-sensitive and complex shaped parts that need environmental protection against dust, oil, chemicals and jostling. LPIO is safe and easy to implement with pressures as low as 20 psi, eliminating the possibility of component damage associated with traditional high-pressure injection molding.

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