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Panelmount Offerings

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DataPro International is the world's largest supplier of panelmount and bulkhead-mounting assemblies and couplers, featuring more than three dozen lines of mounting cables. Whether you're wiring a home theater, a yacht, or a military transport, you can rely on the guaranteed quality and service of DataPro.

Panelmount Extensions - Created by DataPro

For more than ten years, DataPro has provided quality panelmount extension cables for custom integration and OEM manufacturers. All of our mounting assemblies are designed exclusively for DataPro by our own engineers, who combine their knowledge and experience with the newest CAD tools to create durable, low-profile mounting hoods. The DataPro name is emblazoned on each of these custom-designed hoods, to ensure you're getting the genuine article.

Comprehensive Custom Panels - Cut On-Demand

What further separates DataPro from the competition is our in-house fabrication capabilities for custom wall plates and front panels. When using our Custom Plate Creator, a complete plate-and-cable package can be designed right from your browser, which will be cut and shipped within 24 hours. For more specialized scenarios, our wide selection of custom front panel options can be paired with our panelmount cable line for an unbeatable mounting solution.

A Mount for Every Connector

Every year, DataPro adds even more interconnect types and configurations to our panelmount cable line, including...
  • USB - With dozens of combinations of USB-A, USB-B, and PCB-headers, our complete selection of mounting USB cables can accommodate most any scenario.
  • DVI - For digital displays, the ubiquitous DVI standard can be made universally accessible with our popular mounting DVI cables.
  • HDMI - The cleanest home theater installations need wall- and cabinet-access to video components, made easier than ever with DataPro's line of mounting HDMI cables.
  • DisplayPort - This competitor to HDMI is given the same comprehensive line of panel-mounting cables, allowing bulkhead installation of DisplayPort in any environment.
  • 3.5mm Audio - Whether it's accompanying a computer terminal, providing headphones to a remote music player, or adding an auxiliary input to cabinet receiver, a mounted stereo jack is as useful as it is easy with any of our mounting audio cables.
  • FireWire - Video editing suites and recording studios can provide easy-access IEEE-1394 ports for downloading camera data, backing up to external hard drives, or attaching additional monitors; it's no hassle with a mounting FireWire cable from DataPro.
  • Serial and Parallel - Even older equipment can get the panelmount treatment with DataPro's full line of 9-pin and 25-pin mounting cables, available in stock extensions, as well as custom-built with any pinout and D-Sub connector configurations.