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Does my 120Hz HDTV need a special HDMI cable? 2008-03-21
DataPro News > Questions

In a word: no. But with the arrival of 120Hz LCD TVs in 2007, some cable manufacturers are trying to cash in on the confusion surrounding this new technology.

FAQ: How do I go from DVI to VGA? 2007-12-05
DataPro News > Questions

We're often asked how to go from DVI to VGA, or vice-versa. Here's a quick guide to help you with your video setup.

What is the DDC PnP port? 2007-02-27
DataPro News > Questions

Question regarding MSV-104B, the VGA Video Signal Splitter. Monitor 1 indicates 'DDC PnP Port,' what is the purpose of that port?

Is there a DVI-I to HDMI cable? 2007-02-15
DataPro News > Questions

I would like to buy a cable which is DVI-I to HDMI. I've bought a DVI-D to HDMI cable but it does not work. My video card has a DVI-I port, but when I connect to my plasma TV it says no signal. The video card has VGA as well, and it's working properly.

Do I need a DVI-I to DVI-D cable? 2006-10-20
DataPro News > Questions

The DVI guide writes that if the source is a DVI-I and the monitor is DVI-D, I would need a DVI-D Dual-Link digital cable. However, both ends of that cable are the 24pin plus blade pin and my source (graphics card) is a DVI-I Dual link. So, would I not need one end of the DVI-D Dual-link cable to have 24pins plus two pins above and below the blade pin?

Installing the Laptop IDE Adaptor 2006-08-10
DataPro News > Questions

Do you offer a laptop hard drive adaptor with gold contacts instead of gold pins? My laptop drive has contacts on a circuit board type connector instead of pins that plug into a cable connector.


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