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Blank 3-Gang Wall Plate

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Blank 3-Gang Wall Plate

Three columns' worth of connectors and cutouts at your disposal! Imagine the possibilities, the things you could achieve, when your wiring installation begins with a three-gang blank face plate!  

7000-3-ALU   Faceplate 3G Blank AlumA   EACH $ 6.95   In stock   Add to Cart
7000-3-AZD   Faceplate 3G Anodized BLK Alum   EACH $ 22.95   In stock   Add to Cart
7000-3-IVY   Faceplate 3G Blank Ivory   EACH $ 6.95   In stock   Add to Cart
7000-3-WHT   Faceplate 3G Blank White   EACH $ 6.95   In stock   Add to Cart
7000-3-Z   Faceplate 3G Blank Steel   EACH $ 12.95   In stock   Add to Cart

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These awesome three-gang blank wall plates will hold roughly triple the number of connectors as a single-gang plate, and half again as much as a double-gang plate.

You can have them custom-cut to your specifications, using any variety of connectors you choose. Whether you've got a home theater, a stage space, an editing lab, a conference room, or a retail display, the combination of standard mounting form-factor and infinitely configurable connector cutouts make these plates the perfect solution.

The 7000-3 face plates are made for fitting onto any 3-gang wall mount, similar to an AC outlet or light switch box. Six flathead mounting screws are included with each plate, to fit any standard triple gang low-voltage box or 'in-the-wall'-type switch box.


The 7000-3 series blank wall plates are designed to mount to any standard North American electrical box with the provided screws. Such boxes are readily available from hardware stores and electrical suppliers, and have the following measurements:
   6.30" W x 4.53" H x 1.77" D (160mm x 115mm x 45mm)

If an electrical box is impractical for your application, you can also mount this plate directly to a surface with the appropriate wood or sheet-rock screws (not included).

For information about selecting, installing, and using wall plates in your applications, see our Guide to Face Plates.

Drawings & Models:

7000-3PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)

RoHS Compliant
Made in the USA

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  • Dimensions: 6.50" x 4.50" (158.75mm x 114mm)

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