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Composite/S-Video to VGA Converter

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Composite/S-Video to VGA Converter

One monitor, all the inputs! Get that composite and S-video to your monitor's VGA input with this small, high-resolution converter box, with all the features you need for the best possible picture from legacy sources.  

CSV-955B   TV & S-Video to VGA Adaptor   EACH $ 119.00   15 in stock   Add to Cart

If you've got an old VCR or camcorder and need to display it on a slightly-less-than-modern computer monitor, this may be just the ticket.

The CSV-955B converts RCA Composite Video or S-Video to VGA, which is not a common thing today but if you need to do it, you need to do it. This little device also has a VGA input for switching between PC and video displays, audio input/output, and a VHF/UHF TV tuner.

This allows the viewing of any video source, such as a VCR, video game, or DVD, on a VGA monitor. Additionally, the TV tuner will transcode any broadcast NTSC or PAL signal to the VGA display.

Unfortunately, composite/S-video signals don't start with a very high resolution and VGA monitors are pretty sharp, so the image quality of this conversion isn't as good as it would be natively... but sometimes, that's all you can do. It's not bad looking, by any means, and works well for mounted displays moreso that up-close monitors.

Because of the side-by-side VGA input, you can share a single monitor with your video inputs and your computer.

A remote control unit with batteries is also included.

Box contents:

  • CSV-955B Converter
  • Remote Control
  • 2x AA batteries
  • Vertical stand
  • AC Adapter
  • Manual

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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  • Video Input: DH15F (VGA), RCA (Composite), MD04F (S-Video), CATV
  • Video Output: DH15F (VGA), RCA (Composite)
  • Audio Input: 3.5mm, RCAx2
  • Audio Output: 3.5mm
  • Output Resolutions: 1440x900, 1280x1024, 1280x720, 1024x768, 800x600
  • Power: DC 5V, 1A (included)

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