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VGA Cable DH15MM

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VGA Cable DH15MM
The DataPro 1155 VGA cable is a high-grade analog video cable for VGA displays and projectors. Built with individually-shielded mini-coaxial wires within a braided jacket, these VGA cables offer the best possible picture quality at lengths from 1 foot to over 200 feet.  

1155-03C   VGA/SVGA Hi-Res Video DH15MM   3 ft $ 9.95   57 in stock   Add to Cart
1155-06C   VGA/SVGA Hi-Res Video DH15MM   6 ft $ 11.95   105 in stock   Add to Cart
1155-10C   VGA/SVGA Hi-Res Video DH15MM   10 ft $ 19.95   75 in stock   Add to Cart
1155-15C   VGA/SVGA Hi-Res Video DH15MM   15 ft $ 29.95   93 in stock   Add to Cart
1155-25C   VGA/SVGA Hi-Res Video DH15MM   25 ft $ 39.00   141 in stock   Add to Cart
1155-50C   VGA/SVGA Hi-Res Video DH15MM   50 ft $ 59.00   249 in stock   Add to Cart
1155-75C   VGA/SVGA Hi-Res Video DH15MM   75 ft $ 79.00   143 in stock   Add to Cart
1155-99C   VGA/SVGA Hi-Res Video DH15MM   100 ft $ 119.00   3 in stock   Add to Cart

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There was a time when practically all computer monitors used VGA, and this was the cable that defined the age. DataPro's 1155-series is a male-to-male VGA cable for connecting a computer to a monitor or projector, and it's the best of the best.

All of our VGA cables are built using triple-shielded mini-coaxial wire, so the Red, Green, and Blue signals are individually insulated and shielded. The signal wires are 75 Ohm 28 AWG coax, which is the ideal spec for video and allows us to build cables in excess of 200 feet long.

VGA's ability to run long distances gives it a distinct advantage over newer digital technologies like DVI and DisplayPort, and therefore it remains a very popular option for ceiling-mounted projectors, marine wiring, churches, and lecture halls. If you're running VGA through conduit or walls, DataPro's exclusive spliced VGA locking cables provide a low-profile solution with easy no-tool termination.

This cable features a male DH15 connector on each end, for attaching directly to VGA devices. If your monitor has a cable permanently attached, you'll want to use a VGA extension cable instead.

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