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S-Video Panel Mount Extension

> S-Video, Audio/Video Panel-Mount Cables
S-Video Panel Mount Extension
Mount analog video where you need it with DataPro's panelmount S-Video cables. These high-quality S-Video cables are built with coaxial wire for optimal shielding and noise prevention, and feature a flush-mounting hood with an S-video jack for a secure attachment to a bulkhead or face plate.  

1164-01C   S-Video Panel-Mount Extension   1 ft $ 17.95   453 in stock   Add to Cart
1164-02C   S-Video Panel-Mount Extension   2 ft $ 18.95   348 in stock   Add to Cart
1164-03C   S-Video Panel-Mount Extension   3 ft $ 19.95   231 in stock   Add to Cart
1164-04C   S-Video Panel-Mount Extension   4 ft $ 21.00   820 in stock   Add to Cart
1164-06C   S-Video Panel-Mount Extension   6 ft $ 23.95   300 in stock   Add to Cart
1164-10C   S-Video Panel-Mount Extension   10 ft $ 27.00   98 in stock   Add to Cart
1164-15C   S-Video Panel-Mount Extension   15 ft $ 29.95   62 in stock   Add to Cart
1164-25C   S-Video Panel-Mount Extension   25 ft $ 39.00   122 in stock   Add to Cart
1164-50C   S-Video Panel-Mount Extension   50 ft $ 59.00   6 in stock   Add to Cart
1164-00C   S-Video Panel-Mount Extension
Custom build at $30.00 + $1.00 per foot.
Some custom products may not be REACH compliant.
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The 1164 is an S-Video Panelmount Cable, with a standard 4-pin mini-din plug (male) connector at one end and a 4-pin mini-din female panel mount connector at the other.

These wall-mounting video cables are ideal for mounting video ports into face plates and wall plates for clean and secure termination. The wire can be run through walls, ceilings, and and conduits to remote locations—perfect for boats, offices, and home theaters.

When combined with a wall plate, these cables offer convenient access to mounted video displays or cameras, such as in classrooms, presentation environments, and video labs.

The cable is made of 75 ohm mini-coaxial video wire, with individually-shielded conductors for the luma and chroma video signals. This low-loss cable allows optimal signal strength at lengths of up to 200 feet (in most cases).

S-Video (SVHS) was typically used in high-end video applications and equipment, and on many camcorders. It is still common as a legacy connector, but has generally been superceded by component (Y/Cb/Cr) video and digital formats.

Additionally, if you have legacy Macintosh peripherals in your setup, the 1164 can act as a panel-mount ADB cable.

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RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
CL2 In-Wall Rated

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