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S-Video to RCA Composite

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S-Video to RCA Composite
Four pins to one! Two parts sorcery, one part electrical engineering, this handy-dandy cable uses pinout-based downgrading to compress an S-Video source for an RCA composite display. No hardware, no electronics, no fuss. Only works one-way, though. That's the price of magic.  

1161-15C   S-Video to RCA Composite   15 ft $ 35.00   2 in stock   Add to Cart
1161-25C   S-Video to RCA Composite   25 ft $ 45.00   2 in stock   Add to Cart
1161-00C   S-Video to RCA Composite
Custom build at $30.00 + $1.00 per foot.
Some custom products may not be REACH compliant.
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The 1161 is an S-Video to composite (RCA) video cable, with the standard SVHS 4-pin mini-din plug at the S-Video end and a male RCA connector at the composite end. This cable is ideal for an S-video to RCA conversion.

This cable can be used to connect a source unit with an S-Video connection to a receiving unit that has an RCA composite video connection. The S-Video format is an upgrade of the composite format, so this one-way downgrade can be done with a passive adaptor cable like our 1161.

The cable is made of 75 Ohm mini-coax video-grade wire. This low signal loss cable allows lengths of up to 200 feet in most cases, with good signal strength.

Custom lengths are available.

Drawings & Models:

1161Request Drawing STEP Model (STEP)

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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