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DVI 4-Way Video Splitter/Booster

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DVI 4-Way Video Splitter/Booster

MDV-204B   DVI Video Splitter/Booster   1:4 $ 239.00   5 in stock   Add to Cart

The DataPro MDV-204B DVI Splitter/Booster allows a single digital video interface source (e.g. a computer) to power up to four DVI monitors at distances of up to 50 feet

This DVI splitter carries a DVI-I signal, which means it is fully functional as an analog or digital splitter.

The splitter is compatible with all modern operating systems, and replicates out a boosted signal on all of its output ports. There is no software to install and no problems with software compatibility, nor any manual configuration or operation needed.

This product is ideally suited to a retail display setup, presentation suite, training center, testing facility, data center, help desk, or classroom.

These signal splitters may be cascaded together, creating a spider-like network of DVI monitors all showing the same thing. Total video domination in every room, on every screen available!

A North-American style 110-volt power supply is included.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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  • Digital and Analog Signal Compatible
  • Uses PanelLink Digital Technology
  • Supports high- resolution display up to UXGA (25-165 MHz)
  • Supports 165 MHz Pixel rates
  • Can be easily cascaded
  • Compliant with the specifications for DVI 1.0


  • Input Device: One video source with DVI Out
  • Output Device(s): Up to 4 DVI-compatible or VGA-adapted monitors
  • Maximum Resolution: 1600 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
  • Transmission Distance: Source -> Unit: 20 Feet; Unit -> Display: 30 Feet
  • Power Supply: DC 7.5 volts, 1.5 Amp (included)
  • Enclosure: Metal
  • Weight: 985 grams
  • Dimensions: 269mm x 104mm x 42mm

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