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DVI-I Dual-Link Digital/Analog Cable M/M

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DVI-I Dual-Link Digital/Analog Cable M/M
For a picture-perfect video signal, DataPro's integrated digital/analog DVI cables are the ideal solution. Our dual-link DVI cables guarantee full bandwidth for the best possible quality at high resolutions and long distances. The 1148 DVI-I cable is compatible with both the digital DVI and analog DVI formats for maximum flexibility and functionality.  

1148-03C   DVI-I Dual-Link DIG/ANA M/M   3 ft $ 27.00   51 in stock   Add to Cart
1148-06C   DVI-I Dual-Link DIG/ANA M/M   6 ft $ 29.95   48 in stock   Add to Cart
1148-10C   DVI-I Dual-Link DIG/ANA M/M   10 ft $ 35.00   113 in stock   Add to Cart
1148-15C   DVI-I Dual-Link DIG/ANA M/M   15 ft $ 45.00   36 in stock   Add to Cart
1148-25C   DVI-I Dual-Link DIG/ANA M/M
Not stocked. Special order only.
  25 ft $ 74.90 Call for ETA   Backorder
1148-50C   DVI-I Dual-Link DIG/ANA M/M
Not stocked. Special order only.
  50 ft $ 140.00 Call for ETA   Backorder

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The 1148-series DVI video cable is a dual-link, DVI-I to DVI-I video cable which can transmit either a digital or an analog signal. This is the top dog of the DVI family, providing dual-link bandwidth for maximum megahertz, highest image quality, and compatibility with most any type of DVI connector.

This cable can be used to carry an analog signal (DVI-A, VGA) or a digital signal (DVI-D, HDMI). It cannot be used to convert a signal from a DVI-A/VGA to DVI-D/HDMI, or vice versa.

Both connectors are of type DVI-I Dual. We also stock DVI-D cables and DVI-A cables, if those are more suitable to your fancy.

Please note that some DataPro products, while listed in feet for consistency, are built in meter increments. As such, the actual length of the cable may be slightly longer than listed.

For help finding the right DVI cable, see our DVI Info and FAQ page.

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