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DVI KVM Switch with USB: 2 CPU

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DVI KVM Switch with USB: 2 CPU

KND-242R   KVM Switch DVI+USB Rextron   2:1 $ 119.00   34 in stock   Add to Cart

Control multiple computers from a single terminal with our DVI and USB KVM switch! This switch lets you access two different computers from a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor. You can also use it to easily switch other USB devices between the two computers.

KVM switches (short for Keyboard Video Mouse) are great for workstations, consoles, and top-secret applications where access to multiple computers is necessary by one person. Rather than taking up twice the space with an extra set of KVM, and certainly easier than having to unplug everything to switch between, these handy KVMs take care of all that.

They also feature stay-alive commands, to prevent computers from going into sleep mode or losing track of attached devices when the KVM toggles to another computer.

REACH Compliant

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REACH Compliant