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DVI KVM Switch with USB: 4 CPU

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DVI KVM Switch with USB: 4 CPU

KND-244R   KVM Switch DVI+USB Rextron
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Control multiple computers from a single workstation with our DVI and USB KVM switch! This switch lets you access up to four different computers from a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor. If you're not a keyboard-and-mouse type of person, you can also use it to easily switch other USB devices between the computers.

It's definitively "1337 h4x0r" to have more than one computer running at all times, but who has the space to have a separate keyboard and monitor for every one? KVM (short for Keyboard Video Mouse) consolidate all your computers' inputs to a single console, so you can toggle between all your rigs without having to move or disconnect anything. Even better, the switch features emulation of all the attached devices, so the computer will not detect the disconnection of any equipment when the switch moves the workstation to another computer.

REACH Compliant

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