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Ethernet Parallel Print Server

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Ethernet Parallel Print Server
Share printer access over local networks and the internet with a regular parallel printer! This convenient adaptor provides a network-addressable interface to a standard printer, with lots of great features!  

EP-100   Ethernet Parallel Print Server   1P $ 69.00   6 in stock   Add to Cart

This network print server allows a user to print to a remote printer over an Ethernet local area network, essentially converting any parallel printer into a network printer.

It is compact (pocket size) for direct attachment to a printer's parallel port.

The EP-100 series supports both TCP/IP and Netware IPX protocols support, as well as Microsoft Windows NetBEUI. It is compatible with all Windows and UNIX-based systems.

It also features DHCP services for IP address assignment, a quick setup utility for NetWare, and simple management through a web browser.

This device could even be used as a stand-alone DHCP server, without being connected to a printer; it is very easy to setup and administer for DHCP services. The default password is 'su@psir', so you should definitely change that.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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  • Attach a parallel printer to your Ethernet network
  • Web-manageable
  • TCP/IP and IPX Support

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RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant