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Parallel Electronics

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Expand the power of your parallel port and maintain use of legacy devices with DataPro's parallel electronics. From automatic switchboxes for hands-free sharing, to print servers for networked printing, to our long-distance ParaLink transmitter, our diverse selection can meet any IEEE-1284 parallel interface needs.

3220 Parallel Printer Auto Switch
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The 3220-series Auto Parallel Switches are electronic data switches which support Bi-Directional Centronics Parallel data transmission, including IEEE-1284 "nibble" mode.

EP-100 Ethernet Parallel Print Server
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Share printer access over local networks and the internet with a regular parallel printer! This convenient adaptor provides a network-addressable interface to a standard printer, with lots of great features!

PARALINK Parallel Send & Receive Pair
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Parallel printers are a thing of the past, some might say. Nowadays, it's all about USB printers and network printers, these technophiles would have you believe. But their short-sightedness prevents them from seeing the long-range implications of what parallel can do. How long? Try 1300 feet.

UP-100 USB to IEEE-1284 Parallel
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The USB-to-Parallel converter cable will allow any Windows computer with a USB port to print to any standard Centronics type or IEEE-1284 compliant parallel printer.

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