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Rack Shelf Full Size 19 x 19

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Rack Shelf Full Size 19 x 19

80-3422   Rack Shelf 19 x 19 Inch Black   EACH $ 59.00   2 in stock   Add to Cart

The DataPro 80-3422 Full-Size Rack Shelf fits an industry standard 19 inch wide rack. It is a real shelf, perfect for shelfy things. Anything that a normal shelf could be used for this one can too, but with the added benefit of being on your computer rack.

If you place a black item on this shelf's flat-black finish and turn off the lights, the item may be difficult to see. If you bang your hand on this medium-weight metal shelf while groping around in the dark, you may injure yourself. This metal rack is tough stuff.

The dimensions are 19W x 19D, and the construction conforms to EIA-310C standards. This is also called a center-weight shelf, as it mounts with its weight approximately balanced between front and back. It's designed for center-load racks, so if you put it on a front-loading rack it's gonna look weird. It'll work just fine, it'll just... look weird.

Capacity: 75 pounds.

REACH Compliant

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