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VGA Video Signal Splitter 'T'

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VGA Video Signal Splitter 'T'
The DataPro 1131-T T splitter is a VGA/SVGA video signal splitter. This adaptor cable allows the user to view dual VGA or SVGA monitors at the same time.  

1131-T   VGA Video Signal T Splitter
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The DataPro 1131-T cable is a VGA/SVGA video signal splitter. This adaptor cable allows the user to view two VGA or SVGA monitors at the same time from one on-board VGA video card.

This adaptor cable has a male DH15 connector at the CPU end, and twin Female DH15 socket connectors at the monitor end.

There are two styles of this cable, a 'T' and a 'Y'. The 'T' model is a single cable with a T-shaped split at the end. The VGA 'Y' model splitter separates at the base into two separate cables.

The stock length is no more than 1F. We can build this cable in any length you want, however there can be signal degradation at longer lengths.

This type of splitter is a space-conscious and economical way to share monitor outputs, however, image quality can be lost at higher resolutions and/or greater lengths. For viewing on two or more monitors at longer distances, we recommend our MSV series, which perform VGA signal splitting and boosting for better performance.

Drawings & Models:

1131-TPDF Drawing (PDF) 

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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  • Input: 1x Male DH15 VGA Connector
  • Output: 2x Male DH15 VGA Connectors
  • Wire Gauge 28 & 24 AWG
  • RoHS Compliant
  • CL2 Rated
  • Triple-shielded mini-coax wire
  • Aluminum/Mylar Foil Wrap + Braided Shielding and Drain Wire

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