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RCA Panel Mounting Coupler

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RCA Panel Mounting Coupler
Show off your RCA mounts with these durable RCA panel-mount connectors, available in so many colors! Gold plated for durable contact and high-fidelity transfer, these passthrough couplers can mounting to any of our plates or to your existing panels. An easy and attractive solution to any RCA wiring situation!  

CCP-RCA-BLK3   Coupler Panel-Mount RCA Black   Grp3 $ 5.95   1660 in stock   Add to Cart
CCP-RCA-BLU3   Coupler Panel-Mount RCA Blue   Grp3 $ 5.95   1497 in stock   Add to Cart
CCP-RCA-GRN3   Coupler Panel-Mount RCA Green   Grp3 $ 5.95   2519 in stock   Add to Cart
CCP-RCA-ORG3   Coupler Panel-Mount RCA Orange   Grp3 $ 5.95   938 in stock   Add to Cart
CCP-RCA-RED3   Coupler Panel-Mount RCA Red   Grp3 $ 5.95   915 in stock   Add to Cart
CCP-RCA-WHT3   Coupler Panel-Mount RCA White   Grp3 $ 5.95   4290 in stock   Add to Cart
CCP-RCA-YEL3   Coupler Panel-Mount RCA Yellow   Grp3 $ 5.95   3723 in stock   Add to Cart

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The DataPro CCP-RCA series is a complete line of high quality RCA mounting couplers. Each gold-plated RCA connector ensures the clearest possible quality, and the wide selection of stock colors offer complete flexibility for your needs.

These couplers are the perfect mate to our line of RCA faceplates, which are cut specifically to the dimensions of these connectors. They feature a grounded female RCA connector on each end for a sturdy and secure mount.

Some of the most popular uses of these connectors: 


  • Mounting cutout diameter 0.375 inch (9.5mm)

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant