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Composite A/V Cable (Triple RCA)

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Composite A/V Cable (Triple RCA)
Make your composite video count with DataPro's high-grade triple RCA cable. Featuring heavily shielded coaxial wire for a composite video signal and two audio channels for stereo, all terminated with gold-plated RCA connectors, these cables offer the best signal possible for any composite RCA situation.  

1183-03C   Audio/Video Cable RCA x 3   3 ft $ 27.00   11 in stock   Add to Cart
1183-06C   Audio/Video Cable RCA x 3   6 ft $ 29.95   46 in stock   Add to Cart
1183-10C   Audio/Video Cable RCA x 3   10 ft $ 35.00   7 in stock   Add to Cart
1183-15C   Audio/Video Cable RCA x 3   15 ft $ 39.00   6 in stock   Add to Cart
1183-25C   Audio/Video Cable RCA x 3   25 ft $ 45.00   5 available Aug 7th   Backorder
1183-50C   Audio/Video Cable RCA x 3   50 ft $ 69.95   1 in stock   Add to Cart
1183-00C   Audio/Video Cable RCA x 3
Custom build at $30.00 + $1.00 per foot.
Some custom products may not be REACH compliant.
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The DataPro 1183 series cable is designed for audio and video applications using RCA connectors-- namely, dual-channel stereo audio and single-channel composite video.

The 1183 series cable is a 3-conductor cable that has 3 RCA type male connectors at each end. The connectors are designed for strain-relief, and gold-plated for maximum durability.

There are two audio and one video connection. The video conductor is 75 ohm coax wire, specially designed for high-quality video signals.

For specifically audio or video applications, we also offer single RCA composite video cables and dual RCA stereo audio cables.

This cable is designed for single-channel video only. For a triple RCA cable designed for high-definition video, see our component video cable.

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