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USB Active Booster Extension Cable

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USB Active Booster Extension Cable


UBX2-15C   USB 2.0 Active Extender Cable   15 ft $ 29.95   567 in stock   Add to Cart
UBX2-30C   USB 2.0 Active Extender Cable   30 ft $ 39.00   30 in stock   Add to Cart
UBX2-50C   USB 2.0 Active Extender Cable   50 ft $ 49.00   326 in stock   Add to Cart
UBX2-65C   USB 2.0 Active Extender Cable   65 ft $ 59.00   80 in stock   Add to Cart

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The USB Hi-Speed active booster extension cable will allow existing USB cables to be extended without losing signal quality. These extensions come in a variety of lengths, and can be daisy-chained together for unprecedented USB distances. The typical limitation of the USB signal (without active boosters) is about 15 feet, but this varies depending on equipment.

15F and 30F cables have one booster on the female end, with 50F and over featuring in-line boosters throughout the cable, as well as another booster at the female receptacle. They are compatible with modern operating systems, meet full USB 2.0 speeds, and are powered directly from the computer (no power supply required).

The active USB extension cable is a transparent device, invisible to both the computer and peripheral, and requires no additional drivers or software. It is not invisible to the human eye, however, unless concealed by an invisibility cloak or a bedazzling hex.

Please Note: Because the USB booster draws power from the bus of the host, the UBX2-15 must be oriented properly. The male end of the cable must be in the direction of the computer or powered hub, and the female (booster) end must be in the direction of the device.


  • Boost the USB signal strength (~15ft range beyond 1 booster).
  • Maximum bandwidth over High-speed USB 2.0 and Full-Speed 1.1.
  • Combinations allow the extension of a USB signal up to 165 feet.
  • Buffers all upstream and downstream traffic for data control.


  • Full Compliance with USB Revisions 2.0 and 1.1.
  • Supports high speed transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps.
  • FCC Class B certified.
  • CE approved for use in Europe.
  • Enclosure: Plastic
  • Upstream Connector: Male Type "A"
  • Downstream Connector: Female Type "A"

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