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USB-C Cables

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USB Type-C connectors are the newest form factor of USB, and can be used for both upstream and downstream applications. DataPro carries a complete line of Panel-Mount USB-C cables and adapters! See more information about USB-C in our Guide.

1670 Panel Mount USB-C to 20 Pin Header
Starting at
Panel-Mount USB Type-C to 20-pin motherboard connector header.

1672 USB Type-C Male/Male Cable
Starting at
Connect your USB-C devices together with this high-quality Male-Male USB Type-C cable.

1674 USB 3.1 Type-A to Type-C Male/Male Cable
Starting at
Connect a USB Type-C device to a Type-A port or vice versa with this USB-C cable

1675 USB-C to USB-B Cable USB 3 M/M
Starting at
Connect USB-C to USB 3.0 Type-B with this handy cable.

1676 USB-C 3.1 adapters - USB, HDMI, VGA
Starting at
Adapts USB 3.1 Type-C to USB A, VGA, or HDMI

1678 USB-C Panel Mount Extension Cable
Starting at
Extend a USB Type-C connector to a bulkhead or panel with this USB-C panel-mount extension.

1679 Panel-Mount USB-C to A 3.1 Extension Cable
Starting at
Extend a USB Type-C connection out to a standard Panel-Mount Type-A connector with our convenient C to A cable. Please note that this cable will not work with DisplayPort or Thunderbolt 3 signals.

70C00 USB-C Wall Plate Single
Starting at
The DataPro 70C00 Wall Plate has a single USB Type-C cutout, compatible with any of our panel-mount USB-C cables.

UHE-3200 USB-C 3-Port Hub With Gigabit Ethernet
Starting at
Add three USB Type-A ports and a gigabit Ethernet port from one USB-C port with this combo hub and Ethernet adapter.

Starting at
Measure power throughput and direction with this handy USB Type-C power meter.

ZZDCUSBC USB-C Dust Cover Plug
Starting at
Keep dust and debris out of your USB Type-C ports with these handy plugs!

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