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VGA KVM Switch with PS2: 8 CPU

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VGA KVM Switch with PS2: 8 CPU
Access multiple computers with the push of a button! These bus-powered, cascadeable units are a sleek and hassle-free way to monitor and control up to eight computers from a single chair, and are fully featured with hot-key switching, auto-sensing, and multi-sync monitor detection.  

KNV-108RD   KVM Switch w/ Display Rextron
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The KNV-108 KVM Switch allows direct control over up to eight computers from a single console station (containing a monitor, keyboard, and mouse).

The KVM Switch is useful for computer users requiring access to multiple machines via one console, factories needing to test and quality check products, and for show room demonstrations. They are easily rack-mountable (kit sold separately)

There are two models, identical in appearance:

  • KNV-108R Standard KVM switch
  • KNV-108D Includes On-Screen Display

The on-screen display menu (OSD) allows you to name each computer and switch between them. It also shows computer status, cascade configuration, and the switch status.

Both models feature mouse and keyboard emulation for automatic boot up, support VGA, SVGA, and Multisync monitors, and offer computer selection with the use of hot keys or manual buttons (as well as the on-screen menu for the 108D).

There is no software to install, and no problem with software incompatibility, because the KNV-108 is completely transparent to the computers and operating systems. No external power supply is needed, as the KNV-108 is powered through its keyboard connections to the various CPUs.

If you are time-traveling from the 80's, you'll be pleased to know that the KNV-108 is compatible with PC/AT (5-pin) keyboards, PS2 style (6-pin) keyboards, and both RS232 serial and PS2 style mice. Mixing computers of both types is not a problem, however, you must use a PS/2 mouse as the input to the switch.

REACH Compliant

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  • Power Consumption: 9v DC, 500 MA
  • Selection made by: Push-button
  • LED Information: Power (1, for the KNV-102) Selected (8, one for each CPU)
  • Scan Interval: Selectable at 3, 8, 15 and 30 seconds
  • Keyboard Connector: MD06F (6-pin Mini-Din socket)
  • Mouse Connector: MD06F (6-pin Mini-Din socket) for PS/2 DB09F (9-pin D-Sub connector) for RS232 (SERIAL) (Serial option available with adaptor)
  • Monitor Connector: DH15M to each CPU, DH15F to monitor
  • Enclosure: Metal Enclosure
  • Dimensions: 44 x 436 x 180 mm

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