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KVM Cable: VGA and PS2

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KVM Cable: VGA and PS2
Organize your computers and KVM switches without tangled messes of cables and a rats-nest of inputs and outputs. This all-in-one KVM switch cables provides a clean, consolidated solution with combined cables, so you can connect a computer to a KVM with a single unit.  

1330-03C   KVM Switch Cable PS2/VGA/PS2   3 ft $ 11.95   50 in stock   Add to Cart
1330-06C   KVM Switch Cable PS2/VGA/PS2   6 ft $ 13.95   58 in stock   Add to Cart
1330-10C   KVM Switch Cable PS2/VGA/PS2   10 ft $ 19.95   48 in stock   Add to Cart

Technical documents are available upon request for authorized usage.

Contact us if you require drawings or 3D models to integrate this product into your project.

KVM switches are great, but sometimes the number of cables required to hook it all together is just a pain. DataPro's 1330-series simplifien the process by integrating the switch and the cables together, creating a cephalopod of computer connectivity.

Without the hassle of individual keyboard, video, and mouse cables, this KVM switch attaches directly to two computers with two PS/2 connectors and one VGA connector. These connectors are molded into a single cable for the length of the wire, and are color-coded for keyboard (purple), mouse (green), and monitor (blue).

Unlike 'economy' models that use less-expensive stranded wire for video, these KVM switch-cables use 75 Ohm mini-coaxial video wire for the best quality and fidelity.

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