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KVM Cable: VGA and PS2

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KVM Cable: VGA and PS2
Organize your computers and KVM switches without tangled messes of cables and a rats-nest of inputs and outputs. This all-in-one KVM switch cables provides a clean, consolidated solution with combined cables, so you can connect a computer to a KVM with a single unit.  

1330-03C   KVM Switch Cable PS2/VGA/PS2   3 ft $ 11.95   15 in stock   Add to Cart
1330-06C   KVM Switch Cable PS2/VGA/PS2   6 ft $ 13.95   58 in stock   Add to Cart
1330-10C   KVM Switch Cable PS2/VGA/PS2   10 ft $ 19.95   8 in stock   Add to Cart

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KVM switches are great, but sometimes the number of cables required to hook it all together is just a pain. DataPro's 1330-series simplified the process by integrating the switch and the cables together, creating a cephalopod of computer connectivity.

Without the hassle of individual keyboard, video, and mouse cables, this KVM switch attaches directly to two computers with two PS/2 connectors and one VGA connector. These connectors are molded into a single cable for the length of the wire, and are color-coded for keyboard (purple), mouse (green), and monitor (blue).

Unlike 'economy' models that use less-expensive stranded wire for video, these KVM switch-cables use 75 Ohm mini-coaxial video wire for the best quality and fidelity.

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REACH Compliant

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RoHS Compliant
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