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VGA KVM Switch with USB: 2 CPU

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VGA KVM Switch with USB: 2 CPU


KNV-142   KVM Switch VGA+USB   2:1 $ 89.90   2 in stock   Add to Cart

The KNV-142 is a KVM Switch that allows a single user to control two computers from one console station (including monitor, USB keyboard, USB mouse, and audio). It's the perfect solution to a two-computer problem, when back-and-forth access is required with conservation of space and minimal switchover time.

The KVM switch features mouse and keyboard emulation, so computers will boot properly and remain active even when toggled away. It supports most modern VGA monitors (including CRT and LCD types). Computers are selected with the use of hot-keys or by manual buttons on the switch itself. The KVM is transparent to the machines, meaning there is no software to install and no software incompatibility.

These units can be cascaded, for a hierarchy of computers all controlled from one station.

The KVM Switch is useful for computer rooms which require access to multiple file servers via one console, factories needing to test and quality check products, and for showroom demo situations.

The unit has a built-in USB hub which gives you the ability to share up to two more peripherals such as a camera, scanner, or hard drive, which can be shared by all connected computers.

This particular model does not include USB-B ports onboard; instead, break-out cables are included that connect VGA video and USB data to the special DH15F ports on the unit.

Two audio ports (per computer) are also switched to the console, allowing either stereo audio in/out or quadraphonic surround-sound output. This is included in the break-out cable, so no additional cables are required.

The KNV-142 ships with a universal 110-240V 50/60Hz power supply.

Connectors:To CPUsOn KVMTo Console
KeyboardUSB 'A'DH15FUSB 'A'
MouseUSB 'A'DH15FUSB 'A'
Other DevicesUSB 'A'DH15FUSB 'A' x 2
Audio3.5mm Stereo x 23.5mm Stereo x 23.5mm Stereo x 2

REACH Compliant

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