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VGA Panel Mounting Coupler

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VGA Panel Mounting Coupler

CCP-VGA   Coupler Panel-Mount VGA F/F   EACH $ 5.95   379 in stock   Add to Cart

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This coupler allows you to connect two pre-terminated VGA cables to either side of a face plate. It has two female high-density 15-pin contacts, wired straight-through, and screw mounts for securing into any DataPro VGA face plate.

These couplers are wired with unshielded copper wire, not the high-grade mini-coaxial wire found in our VGA cables. Additionally, every time a signal moves from one connector to another, strength is lost and the data is subjected to external noise and interference. For these reasons, the use of these couplers is strongly discouraged. We instead recommend the use of panel-mount VGA cables, which use triple-shielded coaxial wire and eliminate the extraneous connections of a coupler.

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  • Allowable panel depth:
    • 1.5mm (full mating)
    • 2.0mm (max recommended)

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