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VGA to HDMI Converter

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VGA to HDMI Converter
Transcode analog video to digital video with this professional-grade VGA converter box. With digital output in DVI or HDMI formats (including HDTV resolutions), plus stereo and optical audio passthrough, this video adapter is the highest-quality solution to an analog/digital video mismatch.  

MDV-104A   VGA to DVI-D/HDMI Converter   EACH $ 199.95   4 in stock   Add to Cart

Designed for running an analog VGA video source to a digital DVI/HDMI display, the MDV-104A is the highest quality video converter we've ever carried. It uses per-pixel mapping for perfectly crisp and clear images, and supports both 720p and 1080p.

There are many challenges in converting an analog source to a digital display, as our dozens of phone calls and emailed questions will testify. The short answer is that it's hard to do it cheap, and even harder to do it well. At DataPro we believe in doing it well, and that's why we choose to carry this particular VGA-HDMI adaptor.

Additionally, this video box features a 3.5mm stereo audio input, for high-fidelity sound to match the high-definition video. The audio signals received on the input port is injected into the HDMI output for combined audio/video.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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  • Converts VGA to HDMI at resolutions up to 1080p
  • Plug and play operation
  • Includes 5V AC power supply


  • Minimum input resolution: 640x480@60/75Hz
  • Maximum input resolution: 1920x1080@60Hz
  • Recommended input resolution: 1024x768@60Hz
  • Output: 720p/60Hz, 1080p/60Hz

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