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HDMI High Speed with Ethernet Male-Male Cables

Step to the forefront of home theater technology with HDMI, the High Definition Multimedia Interface. This unbelievably small connector carries high-definition digital video, 5.1 surround sound, and offers hardware handshaking for automatic device configuration.  

1162-01C   HDMI High Speed Cable   1 ft $ 21.95   121 in stock   Add to Cart
1162-03C   HDMI High Speed Cable   3 ft $ 27.00   72 in stock   Add to Cart
1162-06C   HDMI High Speed Cable   6 ft $ 29.95   90 in stock   Add to Cart
1162-10C   HDMI High Speed Cable   10 ft $ 35.00   55 in stock   Add to Cart
1162-15C   HDMI High Speed Cable   15 ft $ 45.00   32 in stock   Add to Cart
1162-25C   HDMI High Speed Cable   25 ft $ 59.00   82 in stock   Add to Cart
1162-35C   HDMI High Speed Cable   35 ft $ 79.00   165 in stock   Add to Cart
1162-50C   HDMI High Speed Cable   50 ft $ 99.00   101 in stock   Add to Cart
1162-65C   HDMI High Speed Cable   65 ft $ 119.00   23 in stock   Add to Cart
1162-75C   HDMI High Speed Cable   75 ft $ 139.00   12 in stock   Add to Cart
1162-99C   HDMI High Speed Cable   100 ft $ 179.00   5 in stock   Add to Cart
1162-00C   Custom HDMI High Speed Cable
Custom build at $45.00 + $2.00 per foot.
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Premium HDMI Cables 1162A  
Also check out our 1162A premium HDMI cable!
  • Same great features as 1162
  • Discounted introductory pricing!
  • Metal construction
  • Gold contacts

The 1162 HDMI digital video cable is for the Blu-ray/DVD players, computers, and flat-panel LCD monitors and television displays. It offers high-definition audio and video over a single cable, and is backwards-compatible with DVI.

The HDMI interface is the current leader in the integration of digital multimedia, designed to provide bi-directional communication between devices and displays, for computers, video, and audio.

Our HDMI cables will handle today's most demanding HD signals with ease. These cables are certified for use with HD and UHD, and can pass advanced HD audio formats like 7.1 PCM, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio.

For an introduction to the HDMI technology, see our HDMI Info and FAQ page.


  • HDMI 2.0 High Speed with Ethernet
  • 3D Capable
  • 4K UHD Compatible
  • Extra long HDMI cables available
  • Compatible with Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

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