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Panel-Mount USB-C Cables

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1638 Panel Mount USB-C Extension Cable Large Gauge F-M
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Give your panel-mount USB-C installation extra reach with these large-gauge extension cables.

1648 Panel Mount USB4 Thunderbolt Extension Cable F-M
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These panel-mount USB-C cables are compatible with nearly any USB-C format, including USB4 and Thunderbolt!

1670 Panel Mount USB-C to 20 Pin Header
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Panel-Mount USB Type-C to 20-pin motherboard connector header.

1671 Panel Mount USB-C to USB Type E Motherboard
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Connect a panel-mountable USB-C port directly to a Type-E motherboard header with this convenient cable

1673 Keystone Mount USB-C Extension Cable M-F
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This USB-C extension cable can be mounted in a Keystone compatible slot for easy installation.

1678 USB-C Panel Mount Extension Cable
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Extend a USB Type-C connector to a bulkhead or panel with this USB-C panel-mount extension. Compatible with USB 3 and USB4.

1678R Panel Mount USB-C Extension Cable Right Angle
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This panel-mount USB Type-C extension cable features a right-angle male connector, allowing for easier routing and access to low-profile areas.