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DataPro stocks nearly every USB and FireWire cable and adaptor in existence, so we can get you the product you need without delay. We also carry a wide selection of USB and FireWire hubs, boosters, signal converters, PCI cards, and other electronics.

In addition, DataPro offers panel-mount varieties of many of our USB and FireWire cables, so you can make any wiring job look clean and professional.
USB & FireWire > USB 3.0 Products
   Upgrade and future-proof your USB infrastructure with SuperSpeed USB 3.0. We carry a huge variety of panel mount and regular cables, as well as the new crossover debugging cables.
  > USB Cables
   DataPro offers a wide selection of USB cables, including Mini-B for cameras and camcorders, and USB 3.0 for unbeatable transfer speeds. All of our cables are built to exacting standards, guaranteeing maximum signal speed and reliability.
  > USB Hubs & Cards
   Whether you need to upgrade a computer to gain the power of USB, or expand your existing configuration, DataPro's comprehensive selection of cards and hubs can provide you with the connectivity you need.
  > USB Adaptors
   Keep all your favorite legacy devices alive with our easy-to-use USB adaptors. Emulate SCSI, serial, parallel, IDE, Ethernet, PS2, and more! We also offer various print servers and USB hard drive enclosures!
  > FireWire Cables
   For uncompromising data transfer speeds, our FireWire cables are second to none. Fully IEEE-1394 compliant, these are the ideal cables for video-editing hardware and external hard drives and optical discs.
  > FireWire Electronics
   If you don't have FireWire in your computer, our PCI cards will get you going in a jiffy. And for easy expansion, our FireWire hubs and repeaters are a flexible and affordable solution to get all your components engaged.

ZZDCUSBA USB Type A Dust Cover
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Keep dust out of your USB ports with this simple solution!

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