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C14 to C13 PC Power Extension Cord

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C14 to C13 PC Power Extension Cord

9200-06C   PC Power Extension Cord   6 ft $ 9.95   51 in stock   Add to Cart
9200-10C   PC Power Extension Cord   10 ft $ 11.95   40 in stock   Add to Cart

The DataPro 9200 series Computer Power Extension cable is used to extend the  length of any standard PC power cable. 

This cable mates with any 3-prong PC-type power cord and adds an additional 6 or 10 feet.

Both sides have 3-prong "PC" power type  bevelled connector; one side is female,  which fits into the "hooded" male type   on the other end.  This is a 3-conductor  cable to provide maximum grounding, and is officially known as the IEC-320-C13 connector.

Available in black PVC only. 

Drawings & Models:

9200PDF Drawing (PDF)STEP Model (STEP)

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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