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DataPro's 9218-series Computer Power Cord is used to provide 240-volt power to a standard computer or peripheral using the common three-prong beveled PC power connector.

Virtually all personal computing products sold for use in Australia and New Zealand use this same type of power cord.

The CPU side has a 3-prong "PC" power type bevelled connector; the wall outlet end has an Australian type 240-volt outlet connector. The technical terms for these connectors are IEC 60230-1 C13 and AS/NZS 3112, respectively.

Both ends are 3-prong to provide maximum grounding and safety.

This power cord is used in the following countries:

    Australia      * China                 American Samoa
    New Zealand      Christmas Island      Western Samoa           
    New Guinea       Cocos Islands         Norfolk Island
    Fiji             Cook Island           Virgin Islands
* = other power cords may be used here as well.

For a listing of countries and power cords, see our International Power Cord Locator.


  • Plug standard (1): AUS/NZ 3112:2000, 250V, 10A
  • Plug standard (2): IEC-320 250V, 10A
  • Jacket size and type: Black PVC, O.D. 6.7 mm
  • Cordage standards: H05VV-F 3G 0.75mm2 D S N FI oVE KEMA-KEUR CEBEC IEMMEQU +S N20050 GTSA-3 3G 0.75mm2 MSL

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