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Computer Power Cord  Europe
Don't let borders stop your computing power (no pun intended)! Our grounded 9212 computer power cable is certified for use throughout Europe and beyond, available in-stock and ready to ship out before you do. Or have it delivered internationally, if you're already on the go.  

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DataPro's 9212-series Computer Power Cord will provide grounded 220 volt power to any standard 3-prong computer power supply.

Virtually all personal computing products use this same type of power cord in Northern Europe.

The CPU side has a 3-prong "PC" power type bevelled connector; the wall outlet end has a European-style 220-volt outlet connector. The official names of these connectors are IEC 60230-1 C13 and CEE 7/7, respectively.

Both ends are 3-pronged for maximum grounding, and should only be used in full-grounded receptacles.

This is the European equivalent of our P/N 9210, the North American PC Power Cord.

This power cord is used in the following countries:

  Abu Dhabi        Dubai          Cape Verde      Canary Isl.   Fr. Guiana
* Afghanistan    * Denmark        Jordan          North Korea   Tunisia    
  Albania          Ethiopia       Liberia         Norway        Turkey     
  Angola           Finland        Lithuania       Paraguay      U.S.S.R.   
  Aruba            France       * Egypt           Poland        Slovakia
  Austria          Gabon          Luxembourg      Portugal      Uzbekistan 
* Azores           Germany        Madagascar      Romania       Upper Volta
  Belgium          Greece       * Madeira Is.     Russia      * Uruguay    
  Bulgaria         Greenland      Mali            Rwanda        Yugoslavia 
  Burundi          Guinea         Malta           Senegal       Zaire      
  Cameroon         Hungary        Mauritania      Somalia       Guadeloupe 
  Chad             Iceland        Monaco          Spain         Djibouti   
  Chile            Indonesia      Morocco         Sweden        Curacao    
* China            Iran           Mozambique    * Switzerland   Togo
  Congo          * Italy          New Caledonia   Syria         Estonia
  Czech Republic   Ivory Coast    Netherlands     Malagasy      Latavia
  Central Africa   Niger          Neth. Antilles  Lebanon       Surinam
  Brunei           Tahiti         Solomon Isl.    Vietnam
* = other power cords may be used here also.

For a listing of countries and power cords, see our International Power Cord Locator.


  • FI, D, N, S KEMA KEUR, NF, OVE, CEBEC, VDE Certified

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