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PC Power Cord - South Africa

9211-06C   PC Power Cord BS-546 Type M   6 ft $ 13.95   153 in stock   Add to Cart

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The DataPro 9211 series Computer Power Cord is used to provide 250 volt power to a PC or Macintosh type computer or peripheral.

This is the power cord used in most parts of South Africa and some other countries (listed below).

Due to variations in national standards, we offer two models of this cable to meet different specifications. This model (9211) is sized for a 9mm center prong, while the India/Afghanistan model (9221) is sized for a 7mm center prong.

The CPU side has a 3-prong "PC" power type bevelled connector; the wall outlet end has an Indian type 250-volt outlet connector.

Both ends are 3-prong for maximum grounding.

Available in black PVC only.

For a listing of countries and power cords, see our International Power Cord Locator.


  • SABS Certified

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