PC Power Cord (UK) With Fuse

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PC Power Cord (UK) With Fuse
Power up in the United Kingdom with DataPro's UK computer power cable! With a standard 3-prong computer plug and a grounded AC plug with a 13-amp fuse, this cord is just what you need for computing across the pond.  

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This 3-prong computer power cable is for powering a computer or peripheral in a country that uses a UK-complaint grounded connector. It is a fuse-protected 240V power cord for virtually any computer or office equipment used in the United Kingdom and around the world.

The CPU side has a 3-prong "PC" power type bevelled connector; the wall outlet end has a British style 240-volt outlet connector. The technical names for these connectors are IEC 60230-1 C13 and BS 1363, respectively.

Both ends are 3-prong to provide maximum grounding protection, while the UK connector includes a 13-Amp fuse for additional overload protection.

This is the British equivalent of our P/N 9210, the North American PC Power Cord.

This power cord is used in the following countries:

  Anguilla      Antigua        Bahrain         Bermuda
  Aden          Gibraltar      Macao           Sierra Leone         
  Algeria       Hong Kong      Malawi          Singapore            
  Bangladesh    India          Malaysia        Sri Lanka            
* Barbados      Iraq           Mauritius       Sudan                
  Botswana      Ireland        Nepal           Swaziland            
  Burma         Kenya          Nigeria         Tanzania             
  Canton        Kuwait         Oman            Uganda               
  Cyprus        Lebanon        Pakistan        United Arab Emirates 
  Egypt         Lesotho        Qatar           United Kingdom       
  Guinea        Libya        * South Africa    Yemen                
  Gambia        Isle of Man  * Saudi Arabia    Zambia               
  Ghana         England        Seychelles      Zimbabwe             
  Dominica      Grenada        Guyana        * Jordan
* Liberia       Montserrat     Scotland        Trinidad
  St. Kitts     St. Vincent    St. Lucia       U.A.E.
* = other power cords may be used here as well.

For a listing of countries and power cords, see our International Power Cord Locator.


  • Plug standard (UK Plug): UK1 C-13 250 volts at 13 amperes (fused)
  • Plug standard (PC Plug): IEC-320 250 volts at 10 amperes
  • Conductor size & rating: 0.75 mm2 @ 6 amperes;
  • Jacket size and type: Black PVC, O.D. 6.75 mm, Max temp 70 deg. Cent.
  • Connector standards: IEC 60320 (320) C-13
  • Cordage standards: I-SHENG SGIS KEMA-KEUR +S CEBEC 809 S D N FI NF-USE 1346 IEMMEQ H05VV-F 3G 0.75mm2 3ASL/75 Q88228 CCC A003083 60227 IEC 53 AVV 300/500V CE UCIEE OCP-0004, or equivalent

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