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Pelican Panel Frame Kit

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Pelican Panel Frame Kit

Installing equipment or devices in a Pelican case? These watertight frames allow you to attach a panel.  

PF-1120-BLK   Pelican 1120 Panel Frame   EACH $ 26.95   33 in stock   Add to Cart
PF-1150-BLK   Pelican 1150 Panel Frame   EACH $ 26.95   36 in stock   Add to Cart
PF-1200-BLK   Pelican 1200/1300 Panel Frame   EACH $ 26.95   41 in stock   Add to Cart
PF-1400-BLK   Pelican 1400 Panel Frame   EACH $ 28.95   29 in stock   Add to Cart
PF-1430-BLK   Pelican 1430 Panel Frame   EACH $ 28.95   5 in stock   Add to Cart
PF-1450-BLK   Pelican 1450 Panel Frame   EACH $ 31.95   155 in stock   Add to Cart
PF-1500-BLK   Pelican 1500 Panel Frame   EACH $ 29.95   34 in stock   Add to Cart
PF-1520-BLK   Pelican 1520 Panel Frame   EACH $ 29.95   15 in stock   Add to Cart
PF-1550-BLK   Pelican 1550 Panel Frame   EACH $ 29.95   63 in stock   Add to Cart

Mount a panel in your Pelican case with these durable and easy to install frame kits. Included polymer o-ring allows for the installation of a panel that remains waterproof even when the lid of the case is open.

Includes self-tapping frame mounting hardware and brass inserts for panel mounting.

Pelican Case Panels

Looking for a custom panel to go with these? We can do that! Design it online with our Custom Plate Creator, or click here for more information.

We install panel frames! See our Pelican Case Services page for details.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Made in the USA

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  • Polymer o-ring (not included with 1430 model)
  • Threaded brass inserts
  • Self-tapping frame mounting hardware
  • Def Stan 81-41 Certified
  • STANAG 4280 Certified


  • Brass insert threading: 4-40 for 1120 and 1150 frames, 6-32 for all others.

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