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VGA KVM Switch with USB and PS2: 2 CPU

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VGA KVM Switch with USB and PS2: 2 CPU

This is a KVM switch that shares a VGA display, USB devices, and PS2 mouse and keyboard between two computers.  

This product has been discontinued or is otherwise unavailable at the moment.
However, we may still be able to source an alternative for you!
Just contact our Sales department with your requirements.

This VGA+USB KVM switch allows you to control two USB-equipped computers from a single station. It also allows you to utilize a PS2 keyboard and mouse by converting the signals to USB. You are also welcome to use a USB keyboard and mouse, or mix and match, or even use both!

The built-in USB hub also provides connectivity for hard drives, digital cameras, printers, or any other device that can be connected via USB.

Note: Although this KVM switch allows PS2 keyboard and mouse input, it cannot be used to connect to the hosts via PS2 ports. The computers must have USB.

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