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1/4-inch Stereo Dual Panel-Mount

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1/4-inch Stereo Dual Panel-Mount
Run your audio from plate-to-plate, panel-to-panel, or booth-to-stage with our 1/4" stereo dual-panel-mount cable.  

1226-02C   1/4in Audio Dual Panel-mount   2 ft $ 14.95   215 in stock   Add to Cart
1226-03C   1/4in Audio Dual Panel-mount   3 ft $ 15.95   330 in stock   Add to Cart
1226-06C   1/4in Audio Dual Panel-mount   6 ft $ 16.95   96 in stock   Add to Cart
1226-15C   1/4in Audio Dual Panel-mount   15 ft $ 23.95   82 in stock   Add to Cart
1226-00C   1/4in Audio Dual Panel-mount
Custom build at $20.00 + $0.50 per foot.
Some custom products may not be REACH compliant.
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This quarter-inch stereo audio cable provides high-quality audio transmission from one mounted plate to another, such as between two patch panels in a sound booth or as a quick hookup in a recording studio. The dual-panelmount design allows it to mount directly to a wall plate or front panel, reducing the number of connections and thereby minimizing interference and signal degradation.

This cable is custom-made to whatever length suits your needs, and can be mounted in any wall plate ordered through our custom plate creator. You can also mount it in an existing panel by cutting a circle 0.375" in diameter.

The 1/4" (7mm) phono plug is most commonly found on high-fidelity headphones and professional audio equipment, as well as on electric instruments and pickups. Its large size makes it more rugged than its smaller sibling, while its pressure-insertion makes it easier to attach (and detach) than the snap-locking XLR connectors.

For the smaller 1/8" audio port more commonly found on consumer audio devices, see our dual panel-mount 3.5mm stereo audio cable.

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RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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