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Serial & Parallel Panel-Mount Cables

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Whether you need extensions, null-modem RS232 panels, or keyboard & mouse jacks on a wall plate, our line of panelmount data cables can complete your wiring installation. All of our serial & parallel mounting cables are available stocked in standard lengths or custom-built to your specifications.

1013 Parallel DB25 Panel-Mount Extension
Starting at
For 25-pin serial and parallel runs, you can now terminate into a faceplate or bulkhead mount with our panel-mount 25-pin cables. These hoodless cables are built for an easy and secure attachment to a pre-cut hole, such as those found on a standard PC backplane or our various face plates.

1023 DB9 Serial Panel-Mount Male Extension
Starting at
The DataPro 1023-series is a 9-pin DB9 serial extension cable with a panel-mount connector on the male end for installing into a faceplate or wallplate.

1023W Waterproof IP67 DB9 Panel Mount Male-Female Extension Cable
 Add a waterproof DB9 Male port to any plate, panel, or bulkhead with this convenient panel-mount extension cable.

1122 DB9 Serial Panel-Mount Female Extension
Starting at
The DataPro 1122 series cable is a 9-pin extension cable, male to female, with a panel-mount connector on the female end for mounting into a faceplate or wallplate.

1122W Waterproof DB9 Panel-Mount Extension Cable
 Add a waterproof female 9-pin connection to a bulkhead, plate, or panel.

1169 PS2 Panel-Mount Extension Cable
Starting at
Mount PS2 keyboard and mouse ports on bulkheads, panels, and plates with DataPro's exclusive line of PS2 panel-mount cables. Well-shielded and durable, these mounting PS2 cables can provide access to remote computers and hardware with easy termination and an attractive finish.

1906 PS2 Panel-Mount to PCB Motherboard
Starting at
The DataPro 1906 cable is a chassis expansion ribbon cable, connecting from a 10-pin port on the Pentium-Class motherboard to a 6-pin PS2 port on the PC backplane, using an 'L' bracket.

1910 Serial DB09 to PCB Motherboard
Starting at
Are you bummed that your new motherboard doesn't include a DB09 COM port? Are you missing out on all your RS232 networking because the "industry" has decided to move on? Fight the man, fight the power, and install your own 9-Pin serial port with this PCB-to-backplane assembly!

CCP-D15 DB15 Panel-Mount Coupler
Starting at
The DB15, also known as a DA15 or Gameport connector, has been around almost as long as personal computers.  If you're like most people, you probably used it for joysticks and game controllers through the 80s and 90s.  Maybe even for MIDI instruments.  Today it's mostly seen on legacy setups, or purely as a data port.

ZDCDSUBW Waterproof DSUB VGA and D09 Dust Cover
Starting at
Seals out dust and water and protects your VGA or D09 Serial port

ZZDCDSUB DSUB VGA and D09 Dust Covers
Starting at
Seal out dust and protect your VGA or D09 Serial port with this handy dust cap

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