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Serial & Parallel Panel-Mount Cables

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Whether you need extensions, null-modem RS232 panels, or keyboard & mouse jacks on a wall plate, our line of panelmount data cables can complete your wiring installation. All of our serial & parallel mounting cables are available stocked in standard lengths or custom-built to your specifications.

1013 Parallel DB25 Panel-Mount Extension
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For 25-pin serial and parallel runs, you can now terminate into a faceplate or bulkhead mount with our panel-mount 25-pin cables. These hoodless cables are built for an easy and secure attachment to a pre-cut hole, such as those found on a standard PC backplane or our various face plates.

1023 DB9 Serial Panel-Mount Male Extension
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The DataPro 1023-series is a 9-pin DB9 serial extension cable with a panel-mount connector on the male end for installing into a faceplate or wallplate.

1023W Waterproof IP67 DB9 Panel Mount Male-Female Extension Cable
 Add a waterproof DB9 Male port to any plate, panel, or bulkhead with this convenient panel-mount extension cable.

1122 DB9 Serial Panel-Mount Female Extension
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The DataPro 1122 series cable is a 9-pin extension cable, male to female, with a panel-mount connector on the female end for mounting into a faceplate or wallplate.

1122W Waterproof DB9 Panel-Mount Extension Cable
 Add a waterproof female 9-pin connection to a bulkhead, plate, or panel.

1169 PS2 Panel-Mount Extension Cable
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Mount PS2 keyboard and mouse ports on bulkheads, panels, and plates with DataPro's exclusive line of PS2 panel-mount cables. Well-shielded and durable, these mounting PS2 cables can provide access to remote computers and hardware with easy termination and an attractive finish.

1906 PS2 Panel-Mount to PCB Motherboard
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The DataPro 1906 cable is a chassis expansion ribbon cable, connecting from a 10-pin port on the Pentium-Class motherboard to a 6-pin PS2 port on the PC backplane, using an 'L' bracket.

1910 Serial DB09 to PCB Motherboard
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Are you bummed that your new motherboard doesn't include a DB09 COM port? Are you missing out on all your RS232 networking because the "industry" has decided to move on? Fight the man, fight the power, and install your own 9-Pin serial port with this PCB-to-backplane assembly!

CCP-D09 DB9 Panel-Mount 9-pin Serial Coupler
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Pick up the pace and reconnect to your computing past with DataPro's CCP-D09, a 9-pin Panel-Mount D-Sub serial connector!

CCP-D15 DB15 Panel-Mount Coupler
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This female/female or male/male coupler attaches directly to any plate or bulkhead with the appropriate cutout, and acts as a passthrough.

CCP-D25 DB25 Panel-Mount Coupler
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This panel-mounting 25-pin D-Sub coupler is a simple and straightforward panel-mount DB25 parallel solution.

ZZDCDSUB DSUB VGA and D09 Dust Cover
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Seal out dust and protect your VGA or D09 Serial port with this handy dust cap.