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VGA Panel-Mount Cables

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When it comes to running computer video over long distances, no digital technology can beat the rugged, tested durability of analog VGA. Whether you're running ten feet or 200, DataPro's selection of VGA mounting cables will provide a clean and professional panel connection.

1152 VGA Panel-Mount Extension Cable
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Our exclusive panel-mount VGA cable allows you to mount a monitor or video port anywhere with minimal signal loss. By avoiding couplers and pass-thru connectors, and securing the wire run directly to a bulkhead or face plate, these guarantee the best quality picture possible, wherever you need it!

1152W Waterproof VGA Panel Mount Extension Cable
 Add a waterproof VGA connection to a bulkhead, plate, or panel

1154 Non-Term VGA Spliced Panel-Mount Cable
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The convenience of panel-mounting cables and non-terminated VGA in one amazing cable! This cable uses our special spliced-VGA breakaway for easy routing, and terminates to a panel-mount connector for installation on a faceplate or custom panel.

1156 VGA Dual Panel-Mount F/F Cable
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Jump between two panels easily with our dual panel-mount VGA cable. By using this triple-shielded coaxial wire for your in-wall video run instead of couplers, the number of connections is reduced and the video signal is less susceptible to noise and interference. It's a better picture, with fewer parts and easy installation!

1157 Non-Term VGA Spliced Dual Panel-Mount Cable
 Connect two faceplates or bulkheads directly—through walls, ceilings, and more! This special non-term VGA cable uses our breakaway splice for narrow conduit, and features low-profile panel-mount VGA connectors on both ends for quick and secure installation.

CCPNVGA Neutrik D Mount VGA Couplers
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These M-F or F-F VGA couplers fit in a standard Neutrik D mount.

ZZDCDSUB DSUB VGA and D09 Dust Cover
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Seal out dust and protect your VGA or D09 Serial port with this handy dust cap.