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All-in-One Media Panel

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All-in-One Media Panel

DataPro's Media Panel is perfect for creating an installed and all-encompassing access-point for your media devices. It includes dual heavy duty power outlets that allow you to run a laptop or personal computer while charging other portable devices.  

Temporarily Unavailable Online

This product may have been transitioned to a newer version, or it may not yet be available online for other reasons.

For status, pricing, and alternative solutions, please contact our Sales department!

These pre-assembled Media Panels have been retired, but you can still create them or any other configuration of wall plate with our Online Plate Creator!

Need to quickly connect a DVD player or game system? This is a snap with the Media Panel's standard audio/video or S-Video connectors. Send true digital to your devices with the built-in HDMI port- an essential for Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, and high definition television. Personal audio is easy to hook up with the 3.5 mm audio port. Connecting internet and phone lines are as easy as plug and go.

With the optional Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) protection, the Media Panel includes a local circuit breaker which will disconnect if power flow exceeds safety limits. This prevents your home or office from shutting down an entire fuse, and can protect you and your equipment more effectively from faulty wiring and short circuits. The breaker can easily be reset by a button on the outlet.

The Media Panel is specially designed for use in conference rooms, hotels, computer labs, classrooms, or anywhere else you need to conceal cables and cords and have all your connectivity options centrally located while maintaining a stylish decor.

The DataPro Media Panel is built around a rugged aluminum, 3-gang face plate which mates with a standard 3-gang electrical box and includes the following connectors: dual power outlets (optional GFI protection), S-Video, 3.5 mm audio, triple RCA composite (red, white, yellow), RJ11 phone, CAT5E internet, and HDMI.

To install, simply run standard DataPro male/male cables from your media device through walls or conduit to the back of the Media Panel. The installed result is an attractive, compact Media Panel with everything you need for quick, painless connectivity. Please consult NEC standards before installing power outlets.

Please also note that we offer custom versions of the Media Panel. If you have a creative application which requires different connectivity options we will gladly manufacture to your exact specifications. For customization, please call or email for a price quote.

The All-In-One Media Panel is shipped fully assembled, and includes all connectors pictured here.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Made in the USA

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  • Dimensions: 6.50" x 4.50" x 0.23" (165mm x 114mm x 6mm)
  • Durable triple-gang aluminum plate
  • 2 x Power
  • S-Video
  • 3.5mm Stereo Audio
  • 3 x RCA
  • RJ11 Telephone
  • RJ45 Ethernet
  • HDMI

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