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HDMI Dual Panel-Mount F/F Cable

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HDMI Dual Panel-Mount F/F Cable
Go plate-to-plate with our dual-mounting HDMI cables! These popular cables are built female to female, with our panelmount connector on both ends—ready to install in your home theater, retail storefront, editing lab, or custom enclosure.  

1168-01C   HDMI Dual Panel-Mount Cable   1 ft $ 27.00   1180 in stock   Add to Cart
1168-02C   HDMI Dual Panel-Mount Cable   2 ft $ 28.00   482 in stock   Add to Cart
1168-03C   HDMI Dual Panel-Mount Cable   3 ft $ 29.00   649 in stock   Add to Cart
1168-04C   HDMI Dual Panel-Mount Cable   4 ft $ 30.00   686 in stock   Add to Cart
1168-06C   HDMI Dual Panel-Mount Cable   6 ft $ 32.00   181 in stock   Add to Cart
1168-10C   HDMI Dual Panel-Mount Cable   10 ft $ 36.00   134 in stock   Add to Cart
1168-15C   HDMI Dual Panel-Mount Cable   15 ft $ 39.00   121 in stock   Add to Cart
1168-25C   HDMI Dual Panel-Mount Cable   25 ft $ 59.00   49 in stock   Add to Cart

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Our dual panel-mounting HDMI video cable is the perfect solution to installing HDMI ports wherever you want. As part of our comprehensive line of bulkhead mounting cables, DataPro's exclusive HDMI panelmount cables are built with heavy-duty HDMI-certified wire and moulded strain-relief hoods for a durable, attractive cable.

They are available in three short lengths for easy plate-to-plate jumps, such as with our HDMI wall plates, to provide wall-to-wall access between two separated digital video devices. Using a single cable mounted directly to these plates is strongly recommended over using couplers, because the two additional connections will introduce additional noise and signal loss in the already-sensitive HDMI run. However, should a coupler be necessary in your situation, we do offer a panel-mounting HDMI coupler.

These cables support all the verifiable features of HDMI 2.0 compatibility, including 4K UHD, deep color,  lossless audio, 3D video, and HDMI Ethernet connectivity.


  • Panel-mountable Female HDMI Connectors
  • CL2 rated for in-wall use
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Shielded against RFI and EMI interference


    • 2x Panel-Mountable Female HDMI Connectors
    • Supports resolutions up to 4K UHD @ 30Hz
    • HDMI with Ethernet
    • HDR10 Compatible
    • 3D Capable
    • Wire Gauge 26 AWG
    • RoHS Compliant
    • CL2 rated
    • Embedded 4-40 nuts with mounting screws included
    • Allowable panel depth: 2.5mm (full mating)
    • Recommended screw installation: hand tighten, 2.0 in-lbs maximum torque

      RoHS Compliant
      REACH Compliant
      CL2 In-Wall Rated
      HDMI 1.4 with Ethernet
      2560x1600 Capable
      4K UHD Capable

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      RoHS Compliant
      REACH Compliant
      CL2 In-Wall Rated
      HDMI 1.4 with Ethernet
      2560x1600 Capable
      4K UHD Capable