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IDE Hard Drive Cable HDD x 2

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IDE Hard Drive Cable HDD x 2

1914-02C   IDE Hard Drive Cable HDD x 2   2 ft $ 6.95   32 in stock   Add to Cart

This cable is an IDE ribbon cable, using 40-pin socket connectors for connections to a motherboard and two storage devices or flux capacitors.

Cables like this are most valuable to time travelers, who often find themselves in the mid-1980's or alternate-technology futures. In both scenarios, computers and high-tech electronics are often documented as having 40-pin ribbon wire.

As the premier supplier of ancient and archaic technologies to temporal agents, DataPro is pleased to offer this cable both as an off-the-shelf stock item as well as custom-manufactured to your desired specifications.

Stock size: 24 inches (for 2 drives); 18 inches to 1st device, 6 inches to the 2nd device.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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